About Us

Who We Are

Stoked was humbly founded by a group of adventure seekers enjoying the best of what the Garden Route has on offer, from the consistent waves of Victoria Bay to hiking up the Outeniqua Mountains.

Through partaking in countless outdoor activities such as surfing, skating, cycling, fishing and running we found ourselves overcome with a burning desire to share the Stoke. One thing led to another and before we knew it we had put together a range of premium goods that were fit for any adventure.
And that’s how it all started bru!

Who you are

a Stoker ~ a noun 
A word used to describe someone who aims for that feeling of ultimate excitement.
 A surfer catching a wave, a hiker seeing the sun rise over a rocky peak. 
 There is no one type of person that is a "stoker", that's the amazing thing about it;
 it's about choosing to search for that feeling of euphoria in every experience.
Welcome fellow Stokers

Our Mission

At Stoked we have a deep founded respect for the natural environment as mother nature is ultimately the number one provider of Stoke. Taking this into consideration we have made sustainability and authenticity central to our vision going forward.
We strive to share positivity through the creation of sustainable adventure ready goods that encourage those who support us to get out there, seek adventure and push their limits.
That being said we acknowledge that what gets some Stoked may differ from what gets others Stoked. However everyone should be Stoked and therefore we encourage you to share your experiences. 

So from the waves & waters to the mountains & borders we encourage you to seek Stoke in every adventure for there is no limit to what you can achieve when Stoked.

Come on, what you waiting for?
Get out there bru!