Stoked artist initiative

Art; art is beautiful, art is unique, art is creative and art is definitely inspiring.

The people who create art call themselves artists.

We at Stoked believe that everyone should be the artists within their own lives. To be able to bring your dreams to life, inspiring the people around you in all kinds of ways.

That is truly special.

The only challenge is that it’s not an easy path to venture down, it’s difficult, competitive and art takes effort found in long hours and sleepless nights.

Forward and onwards:

Stoked founders, Jared and Ewaldt, truly built something amazing; a place that connected people through adventure and epic clothing.           

We are fortunate to have this community today, and after a restructure have decided to build and expand our engagement with our community and venture down a path with initiatives that are changing lives, as well as the norm.

Now; we can feel you all growing excited behind your screens, so we're going to give you a view of our first step in that new direction.

Where we are going

We are creating a commercial initiative dedicated to artists to grow and prosper, yet at the same time live their passion.

How we are getting there

Well glad you asked, from now on, every piece of clothing made by Stoked, every design on all our products will be artists driven and artist backed.

What that means:

It means that we're partnering with artists, and we are going to be using their art in cool and unique ways on our clothing. All designs on our clothing will be an Artist’s original art.

Artists will also receive a minimum of 30% of the profits the clothing generates.

How we chose this artist:

The first time we ever saw this artists art, we felt influenced. Since that day we always knew that this is an artist we need in our lives.

It's so unique and powerful. What really stood out though was how beautiful and amazing it was.

This person is really inspiring and their art is incredible and we believe like us, you will also love them!

This isn’t the only thing we're going to be doing, but more on that soon. For now, let your imaginations fly and your dreams soar.