Meet our Artist!

“Hi, I’m Ingrid Nuss.

 Some would call me an artist, some a surfer, a woman, a girlfriend, a friend or a daughter.

 But to me, I’m a spirit in human form, here on earth. Privileged to experience ‘life’ to the fullest. I’m driven by my passion to create, with an all-abiding obsession for spending time in the ocean.

 My intuition has steered me on a wildly challenging, and richly fulfilling journey.

Beginning as a child, my creativity was sparked on countless family camping trips, staring up at the endless night sky, like a canvas of stars, dreams come to life. Similarly, from the natural beauty of my hometown, Wellington, South Africa.

 Painting channeled through that inspiration, stayed with me throughout life’s ups and downs, which prompted me to study art.

In early 2000’s, I got signed to a gallery after my graduation, but the commissioned body of work failed spectacularly. Disheartened, I had to redirect to make ends meet. Starting with teaching English in Korea, alongside waitressing for many years. Then destiny decided to step in, and I got the opportunity to work on cruise ships for an art auctioneering company allowing me to travel extensively and see some of the world’s biggest art museums. It was tremendously hard work, but the experience propelled me to get to where I am today.

 After three years, my heart was ready to settle, I returned to Wilderness, in the Garden Route, South Africa. Soon after that, I started my own pop-up solo exhibitions, and then I took a step towards my dream of having my own studio and gallery, taking up residence at an open space, at Timberlake Village, outside Wilderness. 

I’ve never looked back since. I’m now a full-time artist, and gallery owner, with a list of dreams and adventures, ahead.”


So now that you Stokers have been introduced to this amazing artist, Stoked surfer and all round awesome lady. 

All that’s left to be asked is…                                                                                   Are you guys as Stoked as we are to change the world, one artist at a time??